While we can’t claim to have invented iced tea, we can claim to make the best commercial tea and patented brewing systems available. Just ask all of our competitors who lost in those taste tests. So if you’re not carrying TEAZZERS® fresh-brewed tea, you’re missing out on providing your customers an on-trend, healthier and oh-so-satisfying alternative to other beverages. Not to mention more profits for you. After all, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Learn how and let us help you transform your retail location into a tea destination, with TEAZZERS.


Make your business the go-to-location for delicious tea that’s synonymous with your brand.


Our tea recipes are created with commercial brewing equipment in mind. Our TEAZZERS SmartBrew system is our brewer of choice when creating crave-able brews and managing your beverage category better.

You want it? TEAZZERS has it.

No matter what you’re wanting to sell to your customers, TEAZZERS has something for everybody. From our teas all the way down to our sweeteners, we’ve thought of everything. All you have to do is sell it.

TEAZZERS exists to make it easy to execute high-quality, great-tasting commercial tea and specialty dispensed beverages, and to transform your business into a tea destination.