Food Service

Fact: Iced tea is the third most popular beverage at restaurants. So, we’re not saying if you serve TEAZZERS robust, high-quality teas you’ll be able to differentiate your foodservice establishment, grow your cold dispensed beverage sales and make this highly profitable drink your number one seller. Eh-hem. But we’re also not not saying it.


Every time your customer walks into your store they want consistent, perfectly-brewed refreshment. And as pioneers in providing total tea solutions to convenience retailers, we know a thing or two about creating a loyal customer following. We also know that iced tea is one of the most profitable items in c-stores, generating 80%+ profit margins, so ensuring that perfect brew is essential.


Provide insights? Check. Innovation? Check. Flexibility? While we’re not that great at yoga, check. As a distributor we know what you’re looking for, and our goal is to become your cold dispensed beverage partner of choice.

Commercial Partners

Brewing the perfect glass of tea has never been easier.

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