Tea is what we do.

And ensuring the quality of every sweet sip and slurp is our passion. It’s this drive that has helped us earn the unofficial official title of “Never Lost A Taste Test.” In fact, in a recent double-blind taste test, TEAZZERS was preferred over Lipton, S&D, Tetley and Mother Parker’s. Plus offering 8 year-round flavors, seasonal flavors and our ability to customize any flavor you can dream of ain’t too shabby either. Over 159 million Americans drink tea daily, with 80% of that being iced. That’s over 127 million Americans sipping on the good stuff, but are they sipping on the best stuff? Its not enough to carry an item with an 80-90% profit margin, because you’ve got to keep your customers coming back for more. That’s where TEAZZERS comes in.

Committed to Quality.

SQF is a Global Food Safety Initiative-based system that strengthens TEAZZERS commitment to supply safe and quality tea products. TEAZZERS has achieved a certification in both the SQF Food Safety and Quality Programs. Implementation of an SQF management system recognize that TEAZZERS is meeting the industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of our supply chain. The SQF Quality Program is achieved by sites that go above and beyond food safety.

Ready to sell TEAZZERS?

Work with one of our sales representatives to understand the profit impact selling our tea will have on your business.

TEAZZERS iced tea dramatically boosted our profits! Not only is the price per case lower than what we were using, our tea sales have increased 57% due to the quality of their tea and the addition of their flavored teas. Iced tea is one of the most profitable items in our restaurant, so a 57% increase in sales is a major boost to our bottom line.


All-Natural Black Tea

Rasberry Black Tea

Mango Black Tea

Peach Black Tea

Passion Fruit Black Tea

All-Natural Green Tea

Pineapple Papaya Green Tea

Tropical Green Tea

Cucumber Mint*

Watermelon Hibiscus*

Black Currant*

Apple Cinnamon*

Pumpkin Spice*

* Seasonal Flavor. Minimum volume requirements apply.

Have an idea for a flavor that you don’t see here?

It’s easy for us to develop custom flavors!

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