Whenever you think of “revolution” and “tea” you may think about a certain party that happened in a certain harbor in a certain city. But that’s not what we’re talking about.

The concept of freshly-brewed iced tea is not new, but providing tea drinkers a way to get a freshly-brewed cup outside their home is how two friends revolutionized the tea industry.

As a self-proclaimed iced tea enthusiast, Jeff Farris, found options in convenience stores seriously lacking or nonexistent altogether. While most would just wait for someone to create a better option, Jeff decided to enlist the help of his long-time friend, Rick Scheer, and together they created Red River Tea Company.

They asked themselves, “How can we help c-stores execute the best-tasting fresh brewed tea that is also cost effective?” And that answer came first in the patented T-100 system, a “one cup at a time” platform that quickly led to launching the starter kit methodology and then the fresh-brewed flavored tea programs.