What makes Red River Tea, home of TEAZZERS®, the best is our obsession to detail – from the equipment we create down to the filtered water we use to brew it.

It’s safe to say tea is kind of our never-ending, gotta-make-it-better thing. What’s the weather like? We don’t know. Who played last night? Couldn’t tell ya. What makes the best tea? Now we’re talking. And we’ve been helping restaurant and convenience store owners provide fresh-brewed tea to their customers for more than 20 years. So we know how to help you increase your tea sales and improve your commercial beverage offering. The best part, our beverages go beyond tea to our lemonades and line of specialty beverages. No matter what your customers are thirsty for we’ve got something for everyone.

Our History

When Jeff Farris and Rick Scheer couldn’t find a quality fresh-brewed tea in their local convenience stores, they decided to make it themselves because why not. And in 1996, Red River Tea Company was born. Not only to bring brew quality teas, but to bring innovation to an industry that needed to change. So they engineered the equipment and introduced entirely new flavors to their blends. 20 years later, they are one of the leading suppliers of fresh brewed tea in convenience stores and food services institutions under the TEAZZERS and private label brands. Then in 2016, they bottled up all of that fresh-brewed knowledge and launched a line of TEAZZERS ready-to-drink teas and juices. In 2019, they changed the landscape again with their next-generation TEAZZERS SmartBrew and line of infused waters.

Our Team

Rick Scheer

Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Rick Scheer is one-half of the innovative duo behind Red River Tea Company/TEAZZERS. He started the company with Jeff Farris more than 20 years ago. They have revolutionized the beverage industry by creating high-quality products, equipment and beverage solutions for the convenience store industry, most recently launching TEAZZERS Squeeze Lemonade with 7-Eleven. Prior to founding TEAZZERS, Rick held a manager role at Accenture.

Rick is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and a huge Sooners football fan. When he isn’t innovating new and tasty products at TEAZZERS, Rick spends time with his wife and two kids in Dallas.

Jeff Farris

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Jeff Farris worked for a frozen fruit juice company selling and servicing equipment at convenience stores. An avid fan of fresh-brewed tea, Jeff found the iced tea options in convenience stores lacking or nonexistent, so he began exploring ways to bring a high-quality solution to the market. He recruited his friend and fellow OU grad Rick Scheer, and the pair set out to revolutionize the tea business.

Jeff lives in Argyle, Texas on a ranch with his wife and three kids.

Trevor Mashburn

Chief Operating Officer

Trevor Mashburn joined Red River Tea Company in October 2016 as Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for all operations and finance. Prior to joining Red River Tea Company, Mashburn worked for Flexjet, LLC, where his responsibilities included overseeing the financial planning, forecasting, and accounting functions. In addition, Mashburn helped build the sales strategy and analysis function supporting the teams selling fractional jets into new sales channels. He earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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